Data-driven security

Collect, organize and analyze security data to stay ahead of threats and secure your organization.

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Regain control of security data

Monad extracts data from your security tools, centralizes it within your data warehouse of choice, and organizes and enriches it with data from your environment, giving you the precise insights you need to secure your organization.

Monad creates a unified view of all your security data, so you can identify what’s important and act upon it.

We give enterprises the flexibility to integrate any security tool into their analytics environments, enabling the creation of sophisticated data-driven security programs. This saves security and data teams an enormous amount of time and money by building a single source of truth from which to track vulnerabilities, threats, and activity across their organizations.

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How it works

Monad connects to your security tools and exports your data, transforming it into a star schema we call the Monad Object Model, and enriching it with data from your IT environment. Monad then loads the transformed data into your data warehouse of choice, making it easily accessible and searchable. Monad’s output connectors deliver insights across your organization via project management, communication, and visualization tools, helping you prioritize, report, and address issues.

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Our mission is to eliminate data problems in the security industry, provide clear insights to help organizations stay secure, and guide action that reduces risk.

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I regularly speak with security teams that rely on log management tools for threat detection, incident response, compliance automation and security metrics but remain held back by visibility challenges and lack of automation. It's exciting to see how easy Monad makes it for security analysts to join the rest of the company on Snowflake. Now, InfoSec and DevOps teams can build data-driven security and compliance applications limited only by their imagination.

Omer Singer – Head of Cybersecurity Strategy at Snowflake

Staying on top of security data is about constantly grooming your entire fleet of systems for the few rotten apples buried in it, and the work needs to restart every week. Monad is set to solve this problem with their scalable security data platform that we can easily bring into our DevOps toolset.

Alex Eiser – Security team lead at mid-size biotech company

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